Reviewing Shakespeare

Welcome to an in-depth discussion about how and why we review Shakespearian productions. The discussion takes place between Paul Prescott of The University of Warwick and Paul Edmondson of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. It is sponsored by The Arden Shakespeare and the occasion for it is Year of Shakespeare: Re-living the World Shakespeare Festival, the only book to document all 73 productions from the World Shakespeare Festival in the Olympic year.

This webinar also gives information about an exciting digital platform

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Here is the slideshow from the webinar:


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Resources mentioned in the webinar

– A Year of Shakespeare: Re-living the World Shakespeare Festival, edited by Paul Edmondson, Paul Prescott and Erin Sullivan.

– Cahiers Élisabéthains

Shakespeare Survey

– Shakespeare Quarterly

Shakespeare Bulletin

– The Death of the Critic, by Rónán McDonald

The Middle Mind, Curtis White

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