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Year of Shakespeare

Why should we review theatre? What makes a good theatre review? Do we dare to speak the truth about what we see? Join us for a free webinar on ‘Reviewing Shakespeare’ sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishing. It’s on Monday 6 May at 4.00pm (British Summer Time) and you can register for it by clicking here.

Last year we celebrated what was truly a ‘Year of Shakespeare’. A team of 30 Shakespearians was mobilised and between us we made sure that all of the Festival productions were reviewed as part of Part of our intention was to try and capture audience responses to the shows as well as to record what they were like for future generations. Our reviews of all of the productions have been gathered together into a book, just out from The Arden Shakespeare: A Year of Shakespeare: Re-living the World Shakespeare Festival. These are augmented by essays about Shakespeare in the context of the Olympics and theatre reviewing.

With Olympics come legacies, and we couldn’t let our eagerness to review Shakespearian theatre or to invite responses to it end just because the Festival itself had finished. So we have decided to launch

Join Paul Prescott of the University of Warwick for a free webinar, and me for ‘Reviewing Shakespeare’ on Monday 6 May at 4.00pm (British Summer Time). We’ll be reflecting on the purpose of theatre reviewing, on what makes good practice, on how we might go about writing a review, and we’ll also be launching an exciting new site,

You can register for the webinar by clicking here. continues our collaboration and will work in close association with Cahiers Élisabéthains. seeks to:

  1. Review professional and amateur Shakespeare productions world-wide.

  2. Achieve the widest possible dissemination of the scholarly review.

  3. Encourage experimental review pieces about all aspects of theatre production from a wide variety of writers.

We all of us spend most of our time not seeing all the Shakespeare that is performed in the world. It is our hope that will help us to keep up with the Shakespeare we are missing, as well as seeing.

Register for the ‘Reviewing Shakespeare’ webinar by clicking here.

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