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Unearthing Shakespeare – Part 5

Following the airing of Channel 4’s popular television programme, Time Team on Sunday evening, here is another episode from on the ground. Interest in the site and home of New Place continued unabated and in 1861, its gardens and barns was acquired by J.O Halliwell-Phillipps, an enthusiastic student of William Shakespeare’s history. He gave the […]

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‘Music to hear’: Shakespeare and Rufus Wainwright

To go into the Barbican concert hall and see the full forces of the BBC Symphony Orchestra ranged in tiers before you is to see a splendid sight. The auditorium, shaped like a great oyster shell, resembles that of The Olivier Theatre at The National. In both, visibility is excellent from any part of the […]

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Shakespeare’s Sources As You Like It

Continuing my series of blogs on Shakespeare’s sources I turn my attention this week to As You Like It. Shakespeare’s main source for this play was a pastoral romance written by Thomas Lodge, published in 1590, called Rosalynde . Interestingly an introductory remark in Lodge’s text is “If you like it, so”, and this seems like […]

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‘A Proclaimed Prize!’

Are you studying Shakespeare at college, university, or for leisure? Are you going to be using the archives or library of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust? You might be interested in applying for the Louis Marder Shakespeare Centre Scholarship (or recommending it to a friend). This annual scholarship of £1,000 will be awarded to ‘a worthy […]

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Unearthing Shakespeare – Part 4

On Shakespeare’s death, New Place, like much of his estate, came into the possession of his elder daughter Susanna. Upon her death in 1649, Susanna bequeathed New Place to her daughter Elizabeth until she also passed away in 1670. This saw the end of the Shakespeare’s occupancy of New Place and in 1674 the ownership […]

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Shakespeare Sex and Love – revisited

For an author, the lead up to the date of publication of your book is an exciting and potentially tense time. You’ve received your advance copies and looked fearfully to see if anything’s wrong. There can be. When the first copies of my first solo-authored book Literature and Drama arrived I looked proudly at it […]

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