Year of Shakespeare: Stratford Workshop – Representing History in the WSF

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This post is part of Year of Shakespeare, a project documenting the World Shakespeare Festival, the greatest celebration of Shakespeare the world has ever seen.


On 13 September twenty-five academics, theatre practitioners, educators, and students gathered in Stratford-upon-Avon at the Shakespeare Institute to discuss the World Shakespeare Festival and the summer of Shakespeare to which it has given rise. We live tweeted ideas from the discussions throughout the day and also created audio podcasts of each session. Below are the tweets and podcast from a session on representing history in the World Shakespeare Festival (and the greater 2012 Year of Shakespeare). Over the next few days we’ll be posting podcasts and tweets from each of the workshop session.

Click here to listen to the full audio podcast of the session.

To read more about the performances and events that are a part of the World Shakespeare Festival, visit Year of Shakespeare.

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Author:Erin Sullivan

Erin Sullivan is Lecturer and Fellow at the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. In 2012 she led the project, which has led to two publications with the Arden Shakespeare series: A Year of Shakespeare: Re-living the World Shakespeare Festival (2013) and Shakespeare on the Global Stage: Performance and Festivity in the Olympic Year (2014). Her research is now turning to the use of digital technologies in the production and reception of Shakespearean performance. You can follow Erin on Twitter @_erinsullivan_

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