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Below is a recording of the webinar in which Dr Paul Edmondson, Professor Stanley Wells and Dr Ros Barber talked about The Shakespeare Authorship Discussion. The webinar was sponsored by Cambridge University Press and marked the publication of Shakespeare Beyond Doubt: Evidence, Argument, Controversy. There was plenty of all three in what you are about to hear…


The slideshow presented in the Proving Shakespeare Webinar:


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Resources mentioned in the Webinar:

– The New Cambridge Shakespeare

Shakespeare Beyond Doubt, Collected authors, Edited by Rev Dr Paul Edmondson and Professor Stanley Wells CBE

– The Philosophy of Shakespeare’s Plays, 1857 Delia Bacon

– The Declaration of Reasonable DoubtStuart Hampton-Reeves

60 Minutes with Shakespeare

– Shakespeare Bites Backby Rev Dr Paul Edmondson and Professor Stanley Wells CBE


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