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Shakespeare statue in Weimar by Otto Lessing

Shakespeare East; Shakespeare West

While visiting Weimar I had the pleasure of speaking with my friend Professor Dr Dieter Mehl, formerly of Bonn University. Dieter has made a special study of what happened to The German Shakespeare Society during the division between the East and West, and took the time to talk to me about it. Find out more […]

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ANNO 1900 in Weimar

Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Weimar

At the end of the conference on ‘Die Sonette’ in Weimar I spoke with Professor Tobias Doring of the University of Munich, who is also President of The German Shakespeare Society. Here he reflects on what were a Sonnet-full couple of days… (Incidentally, the reference Tobias makes to the Sonnets as ‘pillow talk’ is something […]

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Shakespeare in Weimar

After leaving Goethe’s Garden House, Dympna Callaghan and I found the famous statue of Shakespeare by Otto Lessing (covered over for much of the year for conservation, but on display for Shakespeare’s Birthday). There we happened to meet two members of The German Shakespeare Society who spoke to us about what Shakespeare means to Weimar. […]

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Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Goethe’s Garden House

Last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to The German Shakespeare Society in Weimar. Their conference was on the Sonnets. Professor Dympna Callaghan of Syracuse University, New York was also among the specially invited speakers. Weimar is an extraordinary place and exudes literature, art, philosophy and music from its very fabric. There was a […]

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