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Getting To Know Shakespeare Webinar

On Monday this week I hosted a webinar, Getting to Know Shakespeare, with Professor Ewan Fernie of The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. The recording is now available. We took the title of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s new course, Getting to Know Shakespeare and used it to reflect a little on how we first got […]

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Getting to Know Shakespeare

On Monday 7 November, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust publishes its first on-line course called Getting to Know Shakespeare. Many summer days were spent working on it with A.J. and Melissa Leon from the LaC Project. It’s a series of video posts and sound-posts, it’s free and you can sign-up to receive access to it here. […]

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S.B.T.'s  first webinar, 1 September 2011

A Shakespeare Authorship Webinar

It’s been a busy and exciting few days. The launch of www.60minuteswithShakespeare.com http://shksp.re/60conf has attracted world-wide attention and is already appearing on school and college syllabuses (so far) across the U.K., the States, and Australia. Stephen Fry, one of our sixty contributors, Tweeted a recommendation of the site to his 3 million followers. In the […]

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Detail of Shakespeare by Richard Westall

Shakespeare Bites Back!

I am currently enjoying Jonathan Kay’s recent book, Among the Truthers about the politics of conspiracy theory. Kay is a managing editor of Canada’s National Post and spent two years researching what drives people to believe in conspiracies. Kay’s book is not primarily about the Shakespeare authorship conspiracy theory but he mentions it in passing […]

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