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'Proud pied April dressed in all his trim'

Sonnets for Advent 21: Sonnet 98

From its incidental, understated beginning through to its rich sounds of ‘Nor praise the deep vermilion in the rose’, Sonnet 98 evokes the presence of the lover in the natural world, a presence sought in and inspired by the season of spring. Sonnet 98 is the one that Mrs Ramsey is struck by towards the […]

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Shakespeare goes to LA

Shakespeare goes to L.A.

  I’m just back from the very enjoyable conference I wrote about in my last blog, ‘Where has all the Verse Gone? Shakespeare’s Poetry on the Page and on the Stage’, hosted by U.C.L.A. (13-14 May). There can be few events which are more deeply satisfying to an enquiring mind than a really good gathering […]

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Shakespeare made Supple

Imagine an ordinary looking, low-ceilinged clothing shop. Clear it of all of its shop-fittings (except its changing rooms) and turn it into an empty performance space in the round. You’ll need to install four lighting stands, one in each corner. These also mark the entrances and exits. Along one side of the wall, there is […]

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How to live like Shakespeare and Montaigne

I’m reading a book called How to Live, by Sarah Bakewell. The title makes it sound like a self-help manual, but the sub-title is more revealing: ‘A Life of Montaigne in one question and twenty attempts at an answer’. And in fact it’s a lucid, intelligent, and illuminating biographical study of the great French essayist […]

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