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Shakespeare in Sweden

By Jan Padover Jan Padover, the illustrator for Prospero Art Publishers recently finished an exhibit of his playing card designs at the Nut House Cafe & Gallery in Upplands Väsby, just north of Stockholm. Among the original art shown for the companies many decks, are twenty watercoloured pen & ink drawings done for their Shakespeare […]

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Lester Othello

Keeping up with Shakespeare

When I started blogging on Shakespeare Calling a couple of years ago I had some kind of vague ambition – alongside of reading the plays and writing short responses to them – of seeing all the movies based on the plays, going to the theater to see the productions, reading the books about the plays… […]

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A memorable atmosphere...

Surviving a Swedish ‘Tempest’

In optimistic defiance of the depressingly reliable unreliability of the Northern summer, there is usually a good deal of outdoor theatre to be enjoyed in Sweden in June, July and August. Recently, I joined a party of Shakespeare enthusiasts in climbing-boots and windcheaters on the rocky peninsula of Kullaberg, a nature reserve in southern Sweden, […]

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Swedish Bard

Shakespeare in Sweden

Caliban as a buzzed up grunge metaller, Lear as a red-nosed clown, Olivia as the owner and Malvolio the manager of a down-sized tire factory whose workers belt out rock ‘n’ roll classics and roar onto stage on a Harley Davidson, Othello played by a frail but feisty twenty-something white woman… Swedish theater is not […]

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How to Tame a Swedish Shrew

As Elizabeth Schafer reminds us in the Shakespeare in Production edition of the play, ‘The Taming of the Shrew has been phenomenally popular outside English-speaking countries’. Sweden is no exception in this respect; The Taming of the Shrew has been one of the five most popular Shakespeare plays in this country for well over a […]

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