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Photo: Paul Hatfield

Sonnets for Advent 18: Sonnet 116

This is certainly one of the most famous of all of the Sonnets, and justly so. But notice how it isn’t actually addressed to anyone. Rather, it reads more like an essay cast in sonnet form. As far as the ideal of love is concerned, the poet here presents it as an unshakeable absolute (rather […]

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Christmas Star

Sonnet for Christmas

Perhaps this is the perfect Shakespeare sonnet for Christmas Day, when millions throughout the world celebrate God’s own gift of love in the person of Jesus. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Sonnets for Advent, and especially to the students and faculty at the University of Tubingen for hosting their own Sonnets for […]

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Photo: Lewishamdreamer

Dame Judi Dench reads Sonnet 116

The first tweet I saw when I logged on this morning was that Dame Judi Dench, C.H. had just read a Shakespeare sonnet on the B.B.C. Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme. I’d missed it but wanted immediately to know which one she’d read. Her voice is exactly well suited to these poems: intimate, multi-textured, lyrical. Dame […]

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The Marriage of True Minds?

My daughter has been invited to read at a friend’s wedding, so she asked me if I could suggest an appropriate passage from Shakespeare. This set me thinking about the use of Shakespeare for public occasions. The most surprising choice I remember for a wedding was when the best man chose to read Hamlet’s verses […]

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