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Computational Shakespeare @ Wolfram Alpha

Shakespeare & Wolfram Alpha

There was some mild buzz over the announcement recently that Wolfram Alpha had uploaded the works of Shakespeare into its database. If you’ve never heard of Wolfram Alpha, you’re hardly alone—but you must not be not a math student. Wolfram Alpha is a “computational knowledge engine” designed to answer questions that require computation posed in […]

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Everything to declare – except my genius

‘not beneath him in fortunes, beyond him in the advantage of the time, above him in birth, alike conversant in general services, and more remarkable…’ Cymbeline 4.1. In Edgar Fripp’s introductions to the first four volumes of the Minutes and Accounts of the Corporation of Stratford-upon-Avon the reader grapples with the minutiae of the lives […]

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Shakespeare’s Authorship: The Musical!

It was bound to happen… But I was delighted to hear about it from Alan Green, who is visiting from Los Angeles. He is a musician and author, and happened to be Davy Jones’s (from ‘The Monkees’) musical manager for many years. I thought you might like to hear this short interview about Alan’s current […]

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60 Minutes with Shakespeare

For true Shakespearians, there is no question that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare; no debate; no issue. There is a significant mass of historical evidence. His name, or those of the theatre companies for whom he worked, appears on many title-pages; he had an aristocratic patron, the Earl of Southampton; he is described as a writer by […]

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