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By Ewan Fernie, University of Birmingham, The Shakespeare Institute.   I had the privilege the other week of launching my new book, Shakespeare for Freedom: Why the Plays Matter (Cambridge University Press) as part of an exciting new series of ‘Research Conversations’ hosted by Paul Edmondson at the Shakespeare Centre.  I was delighted to be […]

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Louis Marder

Louis Marder Scholarship 2017

UPDATED: This is a new version of the blog posted earlier and contains an important update. The contact address for applications is SCLA@shakespeare.org.uk. Are you studying Shakespeare at college, university, or for leisure? Are you going to be using the archives or library of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust? If so, you might be interested in […]

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From 'The Troublesome Reign of King John'

Shakespeare: A Boy Player Himself?

I asked Ollie Jones how he’d benefitted from The Louis Marder Shakespeare Centre Scholarship… ‘My research starts with a rather innocuous record in the Minutes and Accounts of the Stratford Corporation, housed in the collections of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust archive. Here, in addition to the more expected entry recording a reward to the royal […]

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‘A Proclaimed Prize!’

Are you studying Shakespeare at college, university, or for leisure? Are you going to be using the archives or library of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust? You might be interested in applying for the Louis Marder Shakespeare Centre Scholarship (or recommending it to a friend). This annual scholarship of £1,000 will be awarded to ‘a worthy […]

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Professor Stanley Wells C.B.E.

Making Shakespeare

My recent reading has included two biographies, both of men who, like Shakespeare, did not go to university. Ben Jonson, son of a clergyman who died a month before the boy was born, and stepson of a bricklayer – a calling which Ben himself followed for some years – attended Westminster School, in London, but […]

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Photo by shakespearebeagle

Shakespeare Walks!

It is said that “when he walks,” Coriolanus “moves like an engine, and the ground shrinks”. I have always loved that apt figure of speech, describing a man so warrior-like that, when he treads the ground trembles. It is a ‘perambulatory detail’ that otherwise easily could be lost in a play with countless figures detailing […]

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Rosebud by Mexicamax http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=rosebuds&f=hp

Shakespearience 3: Helena’s Fantasies (Part 1)

I promised last time to discuss a female character’s fantasies, and the character I had in mind was Helena from All’s Well that Ends Well. In the curious first scene of that play, Paroles (a posturing soldier) asks her with a leer, ‘Are you meditating on virginity?’ Helena’s reply suggests a witty wench on the […]

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Getting to Know Shakespeare

On Monday 7 November, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust publishes its first on-line course called Getting to Know Shakespeare. Many summer days were spent working on it with A.J. and Melissa Leon from the LaC Project. It’s a series of video posts and sound-posts, it’s free and you can sign-up to receive access to it here. […]

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“All the world’s a stage” (no.13 in series)

In the run-up to The Ninth World Shakespeare Congress in Prague I posted a selection of blogs from grant winners looking forward to that event. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting a selection of blogs from some  more of those grant winners.  This week’s contribution comes from Christian Smith, who is a […]

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