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“speak like an ancient and most quiet watchman”: Much Ado About Nothing in the Summer of Love

By Kelsey Ridge, University of Birmingham This year, the Globe theatre flourishes its Summer of Love with Matthew Dunster’s Much Ado About Nothing set in 1914 Mexico during the first wave of Mexican revolution.  It’s an overall lively and engaging production which they bill as “a fusion of Latin music, desert flowers and revolutionary politics.”  […]

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Worlds Elsewhere

I am pleased to post the following on behalf of Andrew Dickson, a journalist at the Guardian and a Fellow of our exciting new project (with University of Warwick) Shakespeare on the Road: “A few years back, when I was just about to start work on a new book project, I was chatting about it […]

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Chicago King Lear by Raúl González

Lear’s Indian Daughters

On the eve of International Women’s Day, I sat in the elegant old auditorium of Indraprastra College, an all-women’s institution and one of the oldest colleges in the University of Delhi. With delegates of the conference ‘Revisiting Shakespeare in Indian Literatures and Cultures’, organised jointly with the Shakespeare Society of India, I waited to see […]

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Tweeting Shakespeare

The idea of Shakespeare on the Internet seems paradoxical; that something so revered and often considered elitist can be suited to a medium so populist, so universal. The pillars of the Internet are not Royal companies or centuries of towering scholarship; instead, they are twitter, facebook, YouTube. But it is through these mediums, twitter in […]

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Year of Shakespeare: When Shakespeare is deprived of his tongue

Language is a primary signifier of class and social status; Shakespeare employs linguistic nuance to draw out the relationships between characters in each play. In the postcolonial Indian context, the overlays of languages spoken are manifold, and equally signify class. Speaking English signifies upper and middle class education; it forms a crust over Hindi, the […]

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Shakespeare in New Delhi: Stage to screen

At the 14th annual Bharat Rang Mahotsav theatre festival in New Delhi, India, audiences had the choice of performances by companies from all over the world. Way ahead of the U.K.’s World Shakespeare Festival, this year’s BRM included, among its 93 productions in 27 languages, a Kannada-language version of Hamlet (from Karnataka in southwest India); […]

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