Shakespeare’s Women – Juliet

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This post is part of our Shakespeare’s Women series in parternship with the collections team over at Finding Shakespeare. On flickr we have created a collection portraying these wonderful ladies.

What do we know about Juliet? Unusually for Shakespeare we are given her precise age, 13 almost 14. But what about her personality? Until she meets Romeo she is a girl of very few words, although those words are confident it is only with Romeo that she finds her poetic voice. And without him she loses it again in death. In this video I discuss Juliet’s development in the play from an absent young girl, to an eloquent young woman.

If you are in Stratford Upon Avon visit our exhibition at Shakespeare’s Birthplace on Shakespeare’s women, if not have a look at our virtual gallery. And make sure you check out the exhibition curator’s blog on the portrait of Juliet in our exhibition.

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Author:Liz Dollimore

Someone who loves listening to people talk about Shakespeare Liz tweets at @shakespeareBT

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