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ReviewingShakespeareLaunchOn Tuesday 29 October, in Venice, we’ll launching a brand-new digital platform, It represents a major partnership between The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the University of Warwick and Misfit,inc, and follows on from our project last year,

Our aim is to create the most lively, comprehensive, accessible and intelligent guide to 21st-century Shakespearian performance in the world. is the first website devoted to scholarly reviews of and writing about worldwide Shakespearian performance (theatre, film, TV) for a general
audience. Expert reviews of global Shakespearian performance will be produced and commissioned by an extraordinary team of international Associate Editors. They’ll be gathering reviews for the site of up to 1,000 words each, and all in English.

As with the interaction between the academic writer and the general theatregoer will be prioritized, and the site will encourage reader reviews, comments, audio boos, and videos. The site is fully searchable and, as the archive grows, we hope it will offer an invaluable (and, importantly, free) resource to theatregoers, practitioners and historians.

The co-general editors, Dr Paul Prescott and I, will be in Venice running the marathon so we thought we’d launch the site there on Tuesday evening with one of our Associate Editors, Professor Shaul Bassi from Ca Foscari, University of Venice, a reminder of the site’s internationalism and how we hope it will come to reflect Shakespeare’s theatrical reputation throughout the world. reminds us that we spend most of our lives missing most Shakespearian productions, but that hopefully we can come to understand and appreciate those that we don’t see by reading others’ accounts of them. The site will make it possible for us to post more than one review of the same production and to include articles of general theatrical interest in relation to a production, for example, how music and costume were used and featured.

We are delighted to be able to include a ‘back-catalogue’ of reviews from partner journals such as Cahiers Élisabéthains and The British Shakespeare Association’s journal Shakespeare.

By the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016 we aim to have posted our 1000th review!

You can click below to hear us talking about the site:

And if you haven’t heard and watched our webinar on Reviewing Shakespeare, this is available via the blog, or by clicking here.

So, please sign up to today by clicking here, and join us for our Venetian launch!

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Author:Paul Edmondson

Head of Research and Knowledge and Director of the Stratford-upon-Avon Poetry Festival for The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Follow Paul on Twitter @paul_edmondson
  • Natasha Jeffery

    Even though you do not read much, you can still sound
    intelligent during literary discussions =p

    Here are some tips !!!

  • Shakespeare Argentina

    Thank you Paul! Mercedes would be honoured to take the role and be your Associate Editor in Argentina. FSA is always very proud to collaborate with SBT / BloggingShakespeare and now with the unique and promising

  • And we’d be delighted to have you join the party! Please could Mercedes take up the role of our Associate Editor in Argentina?

  • Shakespeare Argentina

    Congratulations for this amazing initiative. Fundación Shakespeare Argentina (FSA) will be delighted to collaborate with this extraordinary project and share with you reviews and academic research on Shakespearian performances in Argentina !

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