Completing the Oxford Shakespeare

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Today sees the official publication of the last play in the multi-volume Oxford Shakespeare series: Richard II, edited by Anthony B. Dawson and Paul Yachnin. Stanley Wells has been General Editor of the entire series since it started in 1979, making him the only person ever to have presided over a complete Shakespeare series of this depth, originality, and quality.

I asked him some about how his work on the series, on this happy, champagne occasion!

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Author:Paul Edmondson

Head of Research and Knowledge and Director of the Stratford-upon-Avon Poetry Festival for The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Follow Paul on Twitter @paul_edmondson
  • Pervez Rizvi

    It’s good to have this chance to say a public thank-you to Professor Wells. He has changed not just what editions of Shakespeare contain but also how they look, greatly for the better. Anyone who cares about how the Shakespeare canon is transmitted from generation to generation owes him a debt. He has acted according to the best model of scholarship, not just as a scholar who advances learning for its own sake, but also as one who makes it his concern to make it accessible to the general public. Thank you!

  • Congrats, Stanley.  A truly great achievement. 

  • Congratulations, Stanley! 

  • Christian Smith

    Thank you Stanley Wells for your work, which will outlive the marble and gilded monuments of princes!

  • A lovely tribute to an extraordinary achievement by a remarkable man – thanks for posting this.

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