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Lester Othello

Keeping up with Shakespeare

When I started blogging on Shakespeare Calling a couple of years ago I had some kind of vague ambition – alongside of reading the plays and writing short responses to them – of seeing all the movies based on the plays, going to the theater to see the productions, reading the books about the plays… […]

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At the 60th Stratford-upon-Avon Poetry Festival

Vanessa Redgrave Reads for Amnesty

The 60th Stratford-upon-Avon Poetry Festival ended just over a month ago with an evening which celebrated the work of many of the poets who have read at the Festival over its six decades. Among the poems was ‘Border Story’ by Bulgarian born Kapka Kassabova. It was written when Kapka took up the post of The […]

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Photo by Christopher Mueller

Verse Speaking

How should actors speak the verse in Shakespeare’s plays? Are there any reliable rules for doing so? Do the forms in which the plays were first printed offer guidelines in their use of punctuation, capital letters, line division, and layout on the page?  Should actors stress the ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum rhythm of the […]

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